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FY2023 budget bill clears Fono, on its way to EOB

The bill appropriating $693.4 million for ASG to spend in Fiscal Year 2023, which begins...

Hawaii National Guard targets students struggle with school

The Hawaii National Guard Youth Challenge Academy is taking a new approach to recruitment. They have...

FEMA official stresses year round readiness for disasters

Being prepared year round for disasters was one of the points emphasized, by one of the...

“Young girls are preyed upon by their own fathers”

A Supreme Court Justice in Samoa, has again raised concern over the prevalence of sexual offending...

FBI alerts DHS about alleged cyber bullying case

The Director of Homeland Security was contacted over the weekend by the Federal Bureau of Investigations...

ASTCA seeks grant to build redundancy marine cable to Samoa

The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority is applying for funding to construct a backup undersea fiber cable...

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