Joey Cummings
Joey Cummings is the Vice-President and General Manager of South Seas Broadcasting.  Along with leading American Samoa's best team of broadcast professionals, he also works one-on-one with people to improve their businesses. ...Read More
Pam Berquist
Pam Berquist is the Office Manager at South Seas Broadcasting.  Her primary duty is scheduling all of the commercials for 93KHJ, V103 and 104.7 The Beat.  Pam also handles accounts receivable and always greets customers with a big smile. ...Read More
John Raynar

John Raynar is the Sales Manager at South Seas Broadcasting.  Along with helping businesses improve their sales through better advertising, John is also co-host of 93KHJ's Samoan Sunrise show.

...Read More
Sia Atofau
Sia Atofau is an Office Assistant and Business Development Specialist at South Seas Broadcasting.  Not only is she an expert in effective radio advertising, Sia is an accomplished voice actor and co-host of 93KHJ's Samoan Sunrise show. ...Read More
Monica Miller
Monica Miller is News Director at South Seas Broadcasting.  Monica is American Samoa's foremost journalist and anchor of the daily KHJ Radio News.  She also administers the popular news site ...Read More
Doug Avauli
Doug Avauli is a News Anchor and Translator for South Seas Broadcasting.  Every day, Doug undertakes the tremendous task of translating all of the KHJ News English news stories for our Samoan-speaking audience. ...Read More
Tua Uli
Tua Uli is a producer for radio, television and social media. She specializes in helping first-time visitors to the radio station sound wonderful on the air! ...Read More
Paul Trambley
Paul Trambley is South Seas Broadcasting's Chief Meteorologist.  You can count on Paul to keep you updated throughout the day. ...Read More
Larry Fuss
Larry Fuss is President/CEO of South Seas Broadcasting and works with various advertisers and ad agencies to secure effective ad campaigns on all the South Seas Broadcasting stations. ...Read More