• High Surf Advisory for Pago Pago, AS - Click for Details
    Updated: Fri Jan-28-22 01:50am GMT-1100
    Effective: Fri Jan-28-22 01:50am GMT-1100
    Expires: Fri Jan-28-22 02:00pm GMT-1100
    Severity: Minor
    Urgency: Expected
    Certainty: Likely
    Status: Actual
    Type: Alert
    Category: Met
    Areas affected: Manua; Swains Island; Tutuila and Aunuu
    Instructions: A high surf advisory indicates large breaking waves will affect beaches in the advisory area, producing dangerous rip currents and localized beach erosion. also, it is extremely dangerous to fish or observe waves from rocks during high surf conditions. unwary beach walkers can be caught off guard as waves suddenly race farther up the beach than normal.
    Message Summary: ...a high surf advisory remains in effect...
    * surf...surfs of 10 to 13 feet will impact all shores of american samoa.
    * timing...through friday afternoon.
    * impacts...strong rip currents and localized beach erosion. Fautuaga mo galu maualuluga ofisa o le tau pago pago as 150 vaveao aso faraile ianuari 28 2022
    ...o loo faaauau le fautuaga mo galu maualuluga...
    * galu...o galu maualuluga e 10 i le 13 futu o le a aafia ai talafatai uma o le atunu`u e oo atu i le aso faraile.
    * taimi...aoauli aso faraile
    * nofoaga aafia...e maualuluga galu ma malolosi aave o le sami. Fautuaga/tapenaga...
    O fautuaga mo galu maualuluga e faailoa mai ai le malolosi ma le tetele o galu o le a aafia ai gataifale ma matafaga, ma o le a malolosi aave o le sami e ono solo ai nisi o vaega o le matafaga. Ona o le siisii o peau o le sami, e fautuaina ai le mamalu lautele ma le au fai faiva ina ia faautagia mai lenei fautuaga ona o le maualuluga o galu ua iai nei.

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