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Murphy, Sam & Jodi Blog

After The Show PODCAST: Tree Critters.

The surprises Murphy & Jodi found when they dragged ...

After The Show PODCAST: What’s on your Vision Board?

Jodi’s friend suggested a Vision Board for the New ...

Talanei Headlines

Letter to Minister of MPE, SSC GM-Lady Naomi Agent

I humbly submit this letter on behalf of many Samoans & American Samoans that are subject...

DOC to reprogram funds for tourist site and Medical Plaza

The Department of Commerce has requested the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to reprogram...

Uifa’atali opposes expansion of PRINM in letter to Biden

Congresswoman Uifa’atali Amata has written President Biden making known her opposition to expansion of the...

MP calls for tax cuts on basic food items

The Member of Parliament for Sagaga 2 constituency has called for tax cuts on basic food...

Filomenaleonisa competes in 200 meter finals

Runner Filomenaleonisa Iakopo made it to the finals of the 200 meter race at the Pacific...

Amelie Chen finishes 14th among 25 golfers

Fifteen yr old Amelie Chen placed 14th overall in the ladies singles competition at the Pacific...

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