What’s the one thing you want a radio listener to do after they hear your message? Your answer to that question starts the creative process here at South Seas Broadcasting, Inc. We’ll strategize and script the best ways to deliver your message, from memorable branding jingles to hard-hitting direct response copy.  Our creative team has produced thousands of radio commercials that command attention and give clear direction, inspiring listeners to take action.

You only get 30-seconds, so it makes sense to have a radio ad that’s attention-getting, compelling, and motivates customers to do business with you.  Unfortunately, most local radio commercials don’t.  Here are samples of great ads we produced for our clients.  We also produced the jingles!


American Samoa Environmental Protection

The American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency used this ear-catching “rant” to bring attention to the island’s litter problems.

American Samoa National Olympic Committee

ASNOC sold hundreds of thousands of raffle tickets using this innovative testimonial campaign.

Blue Sky

Bluesky used the power of radio to drive participation in their pirate-themed SMS game.


Tropical Beverage used the world’s most powerful medium to promote the “World’s Loudest Taste” – Doritos!

Huggies Diapers

Pacific Independent Distributors commissioned a Samoan/English jingle to promote Huggies Diapers.


A great creative ad for American Samoa’s TV10

Kokobean Cafe

Koko Bean Cafe needed a creative multi-voice ad to promote its new menu.

L&L Garlic Shrimp

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue sold out of Garlic Shrimp every day while this ad ran.

L&L - Free Refills

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue’s “free refills” campaign was a huge success.

Meth Project

South Seas Broadcasting’s innovative Meth Project campaign uses the power of testimonials to alert the public to the danger of drugs.

McDonalds - Boss Burger

Use world class voice talent in your ad to increase impact and results.

Mr. Plumber

Men, women and children across the territory can sing the Mr. Plumber jingle!


This Samoan Steinlager jingle is now an island classic.

Subs Your Way

This is another example of how customer testimonials create compelling advertising.

YD Samoa

MYD Samoa’s cheeky radio commercial made them famous in American Samoa.

LBJ Pharmacy

When the pharmacy at LBJ hospital needed help promoting its refill program, we took to the streets to gather more great testimonial audio.