Beware the Local Advertising Agency

If your business does a fair amount of advertising, chances are you will be approached by a local advertising agency promising to handle your advertising for you.  Their sales pitch is appealing— “You don’t have time …Read More

If Your Doors Are Open, You Should Be Advertising

Many business owners think they only need to advertise when having a sale.  However, according to Michael Corbett, author of “The 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising”, there are five indisputable reasons for businesses  to advertise …Read More

Don’t Spread Your Advertising Too Thin

There is a word that describes people who have succumbed to the popular, alluring, seductive notion that “the more people you reach with your ad, the better chance you have of growing.“  The word is “scammed.“ …Read More

Don’t Piss Away Your Ad Dollars

Let’s face it – there are far too many places to spend your advertising dollars.  Besides the major media – radio, TV and newspaper, there are also lots of secondary choices – billboards, cable TV, “shopper” …Read More

We Can’t Help Everybody, But Maybe We Can Help You

Unfortunately, we can’t help everybody.  But maybe we can help you. An effective radio advertising is a powerful and effective way to generate new business.  At South Seas Broadcasting, our specialty is carefully-crafted attention-getting ad campaigns …Read More

Avoid Clichés in Your Radio Ads

Why is it that many advertisers want their commercials to sound like commercials?  You know the kind – “tell everyone I’ve been in business since 1972, mention my convenient locations and be sure to include my …Read More