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Our Mission Statement

South Seas Broadcasting, Inc. strives to create high-quality programming for our listeners; targeted audiences for our advertisers; and to attract, develop and sustain an efficient and highly productive group of broadcast professionals.

Our mission is:

  • To provide high quality, informative local radio programming to our listeners.
  • To provide the highest quality marketing solutions, results and customer service for our advertisers.
  • To be ambassadors of goodwill in the markets we serve by promoting their social, retail and economic growth and development.
  • To provide a professional and goal oriented working environment for our associates to facilitate their growth as community and broadcasting leaders.
  • To preserve, develop and promote the traditions and prominence of local community focused radio broadcasting.
  • We believe that local radio is an integral part of every community we serve, and it is our duty to serve the best interests of the people in all of our communities.

We do local radio right.

We’re here to listen.

South Seas Broadcasting, Inc. sales experts are standing by.  Our station phone numbers are listed below. Drop us a line using the form below or e-mail us directly at [email protected].

Contact Information

PO Box 6758
Pago Pago, AS 96799

Regular U.S. Mail rates apply to mail sent to American Samoa from the mainland. It just takes a long time to get here.

In person:  South Seas Broadcasting is located on the second floor of the Aitulagi Building, on Fagaima Road in Tafuna.  Special arrangements are required to visit after normal office hours

Phone Numbers
Business Phone: 684-633-7793
Fax: 684-633-4493
e-Fax: 208-567-6865

Note that American Samoa is 6 hours earlier than Eastern Standard Time, 7 hours earlier than Eastern Daylight Time. (Noon EST in New York is 6am in Pago Pago, Noon EDT is 5am in Pago Pago). American Samoa does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

South Seas Broadcasting, LLC (Corporate Office)
9408 Grand Gate Street
Las Vegas, NV 89143
Office: 702-898-4669
Fax: 208-567-6865