What to Do if You Threw Away Your Stimulus Money


From USA Today


Pay attention if you get a plain envelope in the mail that’s marked “Money Network Cardholder Services.”

A relatively small group – nearly 4 million people – are going to receive their Economic Impact Payment via prepaid debit cards, according to the Internal Revenue Service. The prepaid cards, which started rolling out May 18, are being used for some instead of a paper checks.

Some consumers received paper checks; others received these prepaid debit cards

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau how-to offers some suggestions for consumers who may have received these Visa debit cards with stimulus cash but then pitched the plastic cards for some reason.

“If you think you have misplaced your card, go to EIPCard.com  and lock your card to prevent unauthorized transactions or ATM withdrawals while you look for it,” the CFPB said.

You can call customer service at 800-240-8100 to report your lost or stolen card immediately. Your card will be deactivated so nobody can use it.

“There is a $7.50 fee to order a new replacement card ($17.00 if you need it expedited),” according to the CFPB site.

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