Community Events

Our stations participate in many community events on an ongoing basis.  If your organization is having an event and would like to have it promoted on our stations, we offer several options:

1)  Paid advertising.  You buy commercials and they are scheduled on our stations just like any other advertiser.  We also offer morning show appearances on several of our stations to help promote the event.

2)  Paid advertising + “in kind” sponsorship.  In this instance, your organization buys paid advertising and we supply an additional amount of in-kind advertising in exchange for being featured as a sponsor of your event.  This includes putting our logo(s) on all signage, banners, printed material, etc.

3)  “In Kind” sponsorship only.  Under some circumstances, we may consider providing advertising for events on an in-kind basis, without any paid advertising.  However, we do so only in limited situations.  Radio stations survive solely by selling advertising.  If we give it away, we can’t pay the power bill.

If you are having an event and would like to discuss options, please call us at 684-633-7793.