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    Talanei Headlines

    Rep Uifa’atali: “We go forward as a nation in unity…”

    Congresswoman Uifa’atali Amata provides a brief history of Juneteenth Independence Day, a new federal holiday...

    What’s opened, what’s closed Juneteenth Independence Day

    It’s a federal and ASG holiday today but not all all departments and offices are...

    Repatriation Flight #6 arrives tomorrow

    The 6th repatriation flight from Honolulu is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. HA913 leaves Honolulu International at...

    Parking lot to relocate to extend field at Fagaalu

    With the fales at the Fagaalu Park taking up part of the sports field, the Dept...

    ASIA orientation goes ahead, banks will open

    As the memo about the new federal holiday, Juneteenth Independence Day, was distributed late this morning...

    New federal & ASG holiday: Juneteenth Independence Day

    The first new federal holiday since 1983 was created today when President Joe Biden signed a...

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