Stop Doing What Isn’t Working

Many businesses keep doing the same thing week after week, month after month, year after year, without taking the time to determine if it’s working or not.  In some cases, it’s hard to determine if your …Read More

The Golden Age of BS

“The Golden Age of B.S.”

Instead of sticking with the tried and true, many advertisers have been lured in by the sparkle of social media and new media.  It’s what best-selling author Bob Hoffman calls “The Golden Age of Bullshit.”

Advertising Law

Something Every Advertiser Should Know

Before you advertise with us, there is one thing you must know: everything included in your commercial or advertisement must be true.  The Federal Trade Commission, who oversees truth-in-advertising, takes a dim view on commercials that mislead or downright …Read More

Advertise Frequently

Why Advertise Frequently and Steadily?

Consumers have new wants and needs, and make new purchases every day Very few people have a need for any specific merchandise item on any given day. In half of all the general merchandise categories measured …Read More

Consumers Still Spending Time With Radio

[From Radio Ink] More from Nielsen’s latest Total Audience Report. Despite the onslaught of new technology, radio listening is still very high with consumers, according to the Nielsen numbers. Average time spent listening to radio for adults …Read More